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Configure Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird company-wide

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are wonderful tools to browse through the www and sending E-Mails. There are some ways to configure this both programms permantly(firefox.cfg|thunderbird.cfg) or temporarily (user.js). One way to deploy the setting company-wide is to use mozptch. But I use another way.

With mozptch you have always change your GPO-Template to reflect new config-variables. I think it’s better to have plain text files and distribute this files if needed and changed. We use MS GPO’s in our MS Active Directory and Nitrobit-GPO’s in our Samba/OpenLDAP-Domain to deploy software an permissions. Now I’ve written a WSH-Script to deploy the firefox.cfg|thunderbird.cfg to the machines and the user.js in the user profile directory (it reads the profiles.ini for the path). This script runs under the control of GPO’s as bootscript resp. logonscript. It also adjusts the appropriate all.js. I call this script four times.


/environment:boot /program:firefox /sourcecfg:<unc-path>firefox.cfg
    /environment:boot /program:thunderbird /sourcecfg:<unc-path>thunderbird.cfg


/environment:logon /program:firefox /sourcecfg:<unc-path>user.js
    /environment:logon /program:thunderbird /sourcecfg:<unc-path>user.js

Here my firefox.cfg and thunderbird.cfg as example.

Future information about Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird configration could be found underAutomatic Mozilla Configurator, Mozilla AutoConfig and

The SIPB Thunderbird Locker.

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