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Deploy default User Settings for the first OpenOffice.org start (v3)

n version one and two of Openoffice.org you have to edit the Setup.xcu to set up user defaults and hide the registration wizard. This works mostly. In version three you can modify some files likesetup-calc.xcu or do some things like unopkg add –shared DisableFirstStartWzd.oxt on the local installation.

But, I’ve a network with 200 machines to administrate. My way is to create default-user-settings for the first user-start once and deploy it with MS GPO’s in a MS Active Directory or with Nitrobit-GPO’s in a Samba/OpenLDAP-Domain. Here is my MS WSH-Script (VBScript) to do this (remove the extension .txt). Every user on a machine with Openoffice.org 3 installed, obtains this settings. No first-start-dialogs anymore.