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Checking hard- and software raid with icinga2

Upgrading from Nagios or Icinga 1 to the new and outstanding Icinga 2 is a good moment to review your checks. Steps to configure raid monitoring with Icinga 2 Download and install The standard nagios/monitoring plugin package includes one for a long time, but there is a new check for raid’s under linux. You can find it on GitHub. This is a modular plugin. If you want to have one big file including all modules, you can download this from my site. Read more →

Checking DNS and DNSSEC with Icinga2

The new and very good Icinga2 has a new way to define and apply checks. At first it takes a litte bit more time to define the commands, but it’s much more flexible. I’ve running all my domains with DNSSEC on my own DNS-Servers. All zones are secured with OpenDNSSEC, so I’ve to check the signature. The next step to secure my communication is using DANE, so I also have to check all my DANE-entries. Read more →

Monitoring Citrix Netscaler with Icinga/Nagios

Citrix Netscaler is a very good system for load balancing, if you want to have an enterprise system and not do this in another way with Apache for free. It also provide a access gateways for ICA sessions. It’s based on FreeBSD but it has no nagios-plugins inside like other firewall system e. g. GenuGate firewall systems. So the only way to monitor such device is over SNMP. There are some plugins on Monitorexchange to watch over CPU, Mem, Connections and Disks. Read more →

Monitoring Cisco Nexus 7000 switches with Icinga/Nagios

Cisco uses an different MIB to make information over SNMP for there NEXUS hardware available.tcomm.es has provided some plugins to monitor such switches espacially for the FRU-hardware. The original website is not available at the moment, so I’ve made a copy at github. All configuration examples are tested with a Nexus7000 C7010 and software version 5.1(2) and6.2(8). The following chapters shows some configurations: checking the power supplies I use the check_cisco_fru_ps-Plugin. Read more →