Checking hard- and software raid with icinga2

Upgrading from Nagios or Icinga 1 to  the new and outstanding Icinga 2 is a good moment to review your checks. Steps to configure raid monitoring with Icinga 2 Download and install The standard nagios/monitoring plugin package includes one for a long time, but there is a new check for raid’s under linux. You can find it… Read More »

Apache 2 customized error pages and exceptions for websockets

Reverse Proxy with local error pages At first create a local directory for serving your customized error pages # local error pages DocumentRoot /srv/busypage/ Alias /error/ /srv/busypage/ <Directory /srv/busypage/           Options None           AllowOverride None           Require all granted </Directory> Now put your pages inside… Read More »

Debian, Apache and HTTP/2 – Important Info !

Deliver your websites with Apache and HTTP/2 IMPORTANT INFO ! I’ve backported apache 2.4.25, but it now depends on openssl from debian backports. The reason for this step back is this bug 828236. So you have to add the debian-backports repo in your system: echo ‘deb jessie-backports main’ >>  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian-backports.list and install/update the openssl packages… Read More »

Checking DNS and DNSSEC with Icinga2

The new and very good Icinga2 has a new way to define and apply checks. At first it takes a litte bit more time to define the commands, but it’s much more flexible. I’ve running all my domains with DNSSEC on my own DNS-Servers. All zones are secured with OpenDNSSEC, so I’ve to check the signature. The next… Read More »

Apache 2.4 Backports for Debian wheezy and (squeeze)

Running Apache 2.4 (SID) under Debian wheezy and (squeeze) Apache 2.4 is the current major release. This version is available in the debian SID and Testing tree (experimental before), so I’ve backported these packages to wheezy and in the past squeeze. The last available squeeze-version for i386 in this repro is 2.4.4-6, because I’ve no… Read More »

Postfix and lost connection after DATA

Trouble with immature firewalls and postfix. I run into trouble with one postfix server. This server is located behind a firewall and I got the error postfix/smtpd[1434]: lost connection after DATA from … in the mail logs. Debugging postfix with debug <>IP-address>> shows nothing unusually. So it must be another reason for that. Searching around… Read More »

Using Apache2-module proxy_balancer as fallback solution for the backend

My servers are mostly work with a normal load, but sometimes they have stress. In some cases the content application like TYPO3 or TomCat could not handle the mass of requests. So I’ve been searched for a automatic solution to display a busy-Page. The Apache-Modul mod_proxy_balancer provides a solution for me. It doesn’t matter if… Read More »

Apache webdav read write permissions

Howto grant different rights to users on webdav shares Using webdav is an easy way to share files over HTTP(S). The Apache Webserver has the modules included. The caveat is the grant concept inside DAV. Under Linux all files are owned by the apache user e. g. www-data, so it is not possible to work… Read More »

Monitoring Citrix Netscaler with Icinga/Nagios

Citrix Netscaler is a very good system for load balancing, if you want to have an enterprise system and not do this in another way with Apache for free. It also provide a access gateways for ICA sessions. It’s based on FreeBSD but it has no nagios-plugins inside like other firewall system e. g. GenuGate… Read More »

Monitoring Cisco Nexus 7000 switches with Icinga/Nagios

Cisco uses an different MIB to make information over SNMP for there NEXUS hardware has provided some plugins to monitor such switches espacially for the FRU-hardware. The original website is not available at the moment, so I’ve made a copy at github. All configuration examples are tested with a Nexus7000 C7010 and software version… Read More »